Liquid Bulk Storage

Ghent Transport & Storage operates several tank terminals with a total storage capacity of in excess of 1.500.000 m³. Our terminals are equipped with the most advanced technologies for truck, rail car and vessel operations.


GTS is specialized in the handling and storage of clean petroleum products.
- Gasoil
- Gasoline
- Jet fuel A-1


Mineral fertilizers

Storage Facilities

Depending on product requirements and customer needs, our
terminals offer various customized storage options:

- Internal floating roofs
- Vapour Recovery Unit
- Insulated and heated storage
- Nitrogen blanketing
- In tank homogenization
- In tank and in line blending and additivation

With a total quay length in excess of 1 km multiple operations can take place simultaneously with handling rates of up to 2500 cbm /h

Safety Equipment

Safety is a top priority on the terminal with all tanks fully equipped with the latest technologies and safety systems
- Independent overfill protection
- Fire hydrants
- Firefighting monitors
- Tank roof cooling
- Foam injection
- VRU unit
- Nitrogen blanketing
- 24 7 monitored supervision
- ISPS certified



Fertigent specializes in the handling and storage of liquid fertilizer
such as Urea Ammonium Nitrate (UAN) and Ammonium Thiosulfate Solution (ATS) with a total tank storage capacity of moren than 55.000 m³.

The terminal offers a 24/7 truck loading with inline blending of UAN with water and/or ATS, ensuring flexibility and efficiency for your needs.

Our site is equipped with eight automatic truck loading stations to facilitate smooth and rapid dispatch.




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